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Тhe application campaign in the Professionals and Professional High Schools after the 7th grade starts. The companies in the Furniture Production sector expect their new graduates from the vocational high schools!

The woodworking / furniture industry is an important European manufacturing industry. Under uncontrolled and unregulated globalization, it faces a steady increase in global competition. An important factor for the sustainable development of the furniture industry is the availability of well trained professionals.

The main purpose and advantage of vocational education is its ability to create a direct link between youth and the labor market. Qualitative Vocational Education produces skilled staff who provide competitive advantages to any economy.


For this reason, we need a coherent strategy to increase employment and good working standards through sustainable sectoral development and competitiveness based on quality against the backdrop of global trends. There are many ways to exploit the full potential of the sector. Unless joint efforts are made by all stakeholders, we will face a threat that can harm the industry. Future competition will be with high quality products. Because of the need for a modern work organization, improved social and working conditions, adequate support for R & D, increased training and professional education of the workforce to ensure a favorable position on the national and international markets.


MOS Consult, established with the main purpose of delivering professional services to all global clients and partners using imos technology for planning, design and production of furniture and interior design. As partners of imos AG Germany, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of software and services, as well as a quick and easy implementation for our customers.
We support the introduction of the principles of dual learning in the Bulgarian education system as the main focus is the link between education and business. Thanks to our demo factory for woodworking and furniture production we are one of the first participants in the Varna Region under the DOMINO project under the patronage of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Bulgaria for the sector. The company participated in the program, demonstrating good practices and workflow of young students from the city's secondary school.


We have the pleasure to work closely with the Technical University of Varna, in particular with the Faculty of Computing and Automation, Faculty of Physics, specialty IRSA (Industrial Robotic Systems and Automation). It is already a fact that the first one successfully passed an exam session at imos CAD CAM at the Technical University of Varna, with some of the best students being employed in the company.