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Varna, Bulgaria | 50+ employees | 26+ millions of XML code | 49.000+ CAD articles | Over 1 250.700 description files and drawing


Every innovation needs people like us – a team dedicated to the best technology, highest quality and right solutions.



With decades of CAD / CAM and NET experience we know that migrating to a new system and reorganizing the manufacturing process requires fast implementation. Our team introduces you to the best practices and shares worldwide know-how. Having cross-functional experts and teams located in our office we ensure fast implementation and successful interfacing to all your third-party systems. Building and converting data reports and interface programming as well as machine connections and workflows are some of the many services we are helping you with.

Implementing innovative software solutions in manufacturing requires skilled teams with real life experience and adoption of different systems and different environments, and that’s who we are.

During the process your engineers will benefit from our project management and ecosystem. Developing is just a beginning. Support is crucial. We are here for you 24/7 with our best professionals.

imos Service is a joint venture between imos AG and MOS Consult, established with the primary goal of delivering professional services to all global clients and partners using imos technology for planning, design and production of furniture and interior design. As partners since 2007, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of software and services, as well as a quick and easy implementation for our customers.