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MOSConsult DMT2019 03

Industry 4.0 has become a global trend for innovation and innovation in various industries and, of course, the furniture industry. In 2018, we presented to our readers numerous examples of major manufacturers of machinery, software and furniture manufacturing technology in the Industry 4.0 direction. We already have a good example of innovative furniture production in Bulgaria, represented by the company Ergodesign, Ruse.

MOSConsult DMT2018 02

The sorting of details, as well as the overall flow strategy and manufacturing steps, is extremely important to achieve high levels of efficiency in furniture manufacturing. Regardless of the level of automation and machine fleet of an enterprise, poorly organized data flow leads to delays in operations, unnecessary repeated sorting, and more opportunities for manufacturing defects.

Packing Just in Time

The best things are left to the end! At the end of 2017 (December 5th and 6th) the first ever event for the region was held in the demo factory of MOS Consult in Varna, presentation of a complete automated production process - from the sale and configuration of furniture and interior design from the end customer in an online environment to the final cardboard machine and the subsequent packaging of the product.

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