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Can we do it alone or do we need help? 

This is a question, that every beginner asks himself. The software products are multi-functional and offer unlimited opportunities for dealing with various cases. There are many guides, help files and other documents that describe them. The question is, do you have the time and persistence to learn the system on your own or do you want to start working with as soon as possible.

In case you want to start making money from your software as soon as possible we can help you get familiar with it quicker.

It is for that reason that we at MOS Consult Ltd. offer trainings, aligned with the needs of new users. The information you get during your training period is too much . That’s why the trainings are done in several sessions (different for each software product). Depending on the client, his previous knowledge and available time to learn the software, the training can be fit in one session (not recommended).
In the time between the, as we call them, phases of learning, you will have the chance to get acquainted with the software, complete the tasks you will be assigned (recommended) and not forget your other responsibilites in the company. The program used for basic training can be modified in order to optimize the training i.e. we can focus on some points more instead of others if you think they are more important for you and your style of work. The training can be carried out if the customer wants, regardless if he has currently bought the software or not. In some companies repeated trainings are done as well. For example, if you have new employees, after the other employees have been trained. In such cases the prices and terms of the trainings are changed. 

Information, as well as a schedule of trainings tailored especially for your firm can be obtained at any time.
Do not hesitate to ask!