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MOS Consult took part in the 18th annual edition of Technomebel 2019, which was visited by over 10.500 visitors from more than 30 countries. At our 198-square meters stand, we were pleased to present our technical innovations from CAD CAM systems to an autonomously robotic solution for the furniture industry - all live in action.


Software solutions for manufacturers

During the exhibition MOS Consult presented the possibilities of imos iX 2017 CAD CAM, imos NET and imos PLAN systems for design, construction and furniture producing. We were able again to present on our customers and partners how easy is to automate the process:

  • Online configuration and design of furniture and interior design
  • Direct connection to resellers and shops of the manufacturer partners (imos PLAN and/or imos NET Point of Sale systems) with imos CAD CAM system in factory.
  • Automated generation of NC data to machine park using our new imos CAM PXM module giving unlimited possibilities to the end users.
  • Calculation module for calculating the production cost in real time.
  • Also the news in the world of robotics - a new Post Processor for Edgebanding machines, generating the data for robotized system during the exhibition.
  • Direct connection with robotized system for managing the process of the drilling machines.

Production solutions

Robotic edging and drilling by MOS Consult


The company proudly presented for the first time to its public its latest development - self-drilling and edging using the KUKA KR150 R3100 - loading and palletizing robot and the HOMAG Group machines - HOMAG DRILLTEQ V-200 - drilling center and HOMAG EDGETEQ S-380 edge banding machine with LOOPTEQ S-300 - return system.


Edging of furniture components has always been a complicated process requiring knowledge of the given item, construction, and a particular detail to be edged. The edging sequence defines overhanging as well as final product design.

This specificity takes time for operators who have to read each production label of the details and manage the edging sequence. And, of course, let's not forget how monotonous and labor intensive the process itself is, the editing of an order takes hours of transfer details for multi-edging.


The conceptual solution of MOS Consult aims at optimizing workflows, eliminating human mistakes when loading details, and relieving operators who transfer tons of details every day. The combination of KUKA Robotics and HOMAG Group allows us to load non-pre-machined, machine-labeled or stacked pallets on a HOMAG EDGETEQ S-390 machine in combination with HOMAG LOOPTEQ S-300. Our software solution monitors the edges sequence, where the details are found throughout the process, when they have to be unloaded and also controls the speed of the machines in the process.

Based on the know-how we were already presenting, namely a robot and a drilling machine, this year Technomebel's visitors were able to look at the whole process whereby a robot loads the pallet details into a edge banding machine, but also after completing the edging, the workpiece was punched on a HOMAG DRILLTEQ V-200 drilling machine. Automation of processes even with standard machines that are not adapted to work with robots is possible thanks to many software products that generate detailed process information.


Starting with imos CAD CAM, furniture design also generates all production data such as label information, CNC files - automatically copied to drilling machines without the need for post-processing and edging data that is analyzed by a robotic system. The only thing the operators have to do is load the pallets with details and start production.

Our mission is to release qualified employees from monotonous operations so that they can perform much more complex and interesting tasks. Demonstration of the robotic system was every hour during the exhibition of our stand A4 in Hall 3.













The team of MOS Consult thanked all of our partners and friends who visited our booth during the Technomebel 2019 exhibition!