Mon to Fri: 09:00 - 18:00

MOS Consult is pleased to invite you once again to its Inhouse Show at its updated Innovation Centre, but this time on the topic of robotics and presented by our new brand MOS Robotics.

One location, 3 robotic systems, 15+ nationalities


This year's presentations are related to the high-tech topics in the world of furniture manufacturing, covering the entire production process, starting with construction and design, going through production process management and ending with the production of standard and individual furniture, using robotic systems developed by MOS Robotics. Together with our partners imos AG, HOMAG Group and KUKA Robotics we will present the innovations in the field of software solutions, through machine park and of course robotic systems and systems for transport of components in furniture production. Visitors will have the opportunity to speak with the speakers from the manufacturers, as well as with the teams of MOS Consult and MOS Robotics. The presentations will take place on December 4th in our improved Innovation Centre, where we will show you the production of series furniture in large batches as well as individual furniture.

Highlights or the systems we will present:


Machines:    HOMAG DRILLTEQ V-200

                              HOMAG DRILLTEQ V-500

Robots:           KUKA KR210 R2700

The drilling system is designed for production in series production, where one robot sequentially loads two drilling machines with furniture components. After the drilling process is complete, the machines are unloaded from the robot and the subsequent parts are loaded until the quantities are exhausted. The system is managed by a software solution developed by MOS Robotics for the purpose, with the data being imported from imos CAD CAM and provided by ControllerMES. After importing, the robotic system is ready when submitting the next pallet of details, to read the barcodes of details and to automatically load the drilling programs on the machines. The communication between the machines and the robots is fully automated and thus, the robot checks at any time the readiness of the machines for submitting the next workpiece, removing the workpiece and correctly positioning it on the machine at loading. The positioning accuracy of the workpieces is 0.3 mm when taking the pallet workpiece and 0.00 mm when placed in the machine, which guarantees maximum machining accuracy. In addition, a drill check function has been developed which, after all the drill bits, ensures that each of them has completely drilled its processing. In the event of an error or inability to drill, the error is indexed to the system operator.


Machines:    HOMAG EDGETEQ S-390

                              HOMAG LOOPTEQ O-300

Robots:           KUKA KR150 R3100

Edging has never been so easy, namely by loading a pallet of details to the edging machine, the robotic system feeds detail after edging detail, the LOOPTEQ O-300 return device returns the details after edging back to the robot, after which their orientation and position are scanned by the system and parts are loaded for subsequent edging or unloaded back onto the output pallet.

The system is equipped with an edging shop that is automatically controlled and, in the presence of different edges on the parts, the cell control software product can select the correct edging and change for the given detail.

Edging data are prepared by imos CAD CAM and sent to the robot database, where they are analyzed, and an automatic edging logic is selected to select the correct programs and their sequence depending on the overlap of each edge.

Our guests will be able to discuss in detail the technical characteristics of the machines with our product specialists from HOMAG Group, as well as new technologies and methods of edging, such as two adhesive stations with EVA, PUR adhesives, warehouse management of edges, tool management and machine materials. through HOMAG Cloud Apps, a Remote Support App through which operators and supervisors can report machine problems, as well as contact the HOMAG Group support directly in Germany, avoiding re-explaining the problem, email and more.


Robots:       2 x KUKA KR150 R3100

Furniture packaging is nowadays a topic that every manufacturer is engaged in because of the huge demand and mainly online furniture trade, which requires good logistics and shipping of the details in disassembled form. One of the most difficult operations in the process is the arrangement of the details in the packages prepared for the purpose. Our MOS Robotics teams have developed optimization software that pre-optimizes all parts for custom packaging, items and packages. We determine the required packages, the maximum well-filled space, the material for filling the empty spaces, as well as the sequence and exact location of each detail of the packages.

We can then visualize the sequence of screens of the operators in the packet department and place them on the packets or position each of them using robots in a moving packet. For the purpose of the presentation, we have prepared a conveyor system that runs a package in which two robots place details at the correct location and position for the given package. The demonstration is part of a comprehensive system of 8 robots that positions all the details of the packages at an MOS Robotics client eliminating heavy and repetitive operations in the packaging department.

Industry 4.0

Following the trends of the Smart Factory ideology, our team has developed many additional features that allow modern factories to produce using the latest technologies in the industry. All systems have been developed with additional features such as feedback to ERP and MES systems, which returns information after processing details to track the manufacturing process and system performance. Data is synchronized in real time, ensuring complete transparency of production processes.

Any bug or system shutdown is re-indexed into the robotic cell software itself, sent back to the MES and ERP systems and, of course, visualized on mobile devices like the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch. Smart Notifications sent to devices are not for indexing errors and warnings of the type:

  • Machine damage
  • Interrupted Safety / Emergency system
  • Finished machining process
    but also data on subsequent processes, such as:
  • The work on processing the current pallet is complete
  • Prepare another pallet for work after 15 min.

Each of the systems has the capability to control aspiration, the compressor, the lighting and other systems in our innovation centre, enabling systems to be manufactured even without the presence of operators. After completing all the machining details, the robots stop all factory support systems until they are reloaded.