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Ergodesign ShowroomThe success story of "Palma Furniture" started in 2000 in the city of Vitija in Kosovo, from a simple warehouse in an area of 700 square meters, the wholesale and retail sale of furniture imported from Italy was successfully done.
High demand for wholesale supply pushed Palma in 2004 to expand even further to an area of 2500 square meters.


In order to be as close as possible to the clients, it expanded its activity and in 2006 opened the first showroom in the city of Vitija in an area of 1300 square meters.
The year 2007 brought the opening of the second showroom in the city of Gjilan. This showroom that today serves as the main center of our furniture, continues to offer a variety of products ranging from sofas, adult bedrooms, children's bedrooms, dining tables and many other products.
During the period from 2007 to 2014, the company expanded with 2 new show rooms in Kosovo and the first showroom of Kosovar furniture in Switzerland, Spreitenbach.
This showroom has an area of 3200 square meters. The opening of this point made Palma the only Kosovar company operating in the Swiss state in the furniture industry.
Palma Furniture further expanded its activity in 2015 by investing in the factory of 40,000 square meters in the city of Gjilan where it started with the production of kitchens, and living furniture. The expansion of production capacity takes place every year in parallel with the development of technology, thus achieving a production capacity of 10,000 kitchens per year, which allows us to be one of the leaders in the Balkan countries.
The first participation in the fairs was in 2016 at the "Imm Cologne" in Cologne, Germany in a space of 150 square meters. This was also the starting point of our exports to many European countries.
Participating in the same fair in 2018, in an even greater space made Palma further expand its export network and today Palma furniture products are exported to 17 countries around the world including Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Dubai, France, Belgium, Greece and Israel.
In addition to exports, we have managed to cooperate in various projects with world-renowned hotel chains such as: Marriott Hotel, Bowfield, Cruachan, Stirling Hotel, Crown Plaza Hotel.


Palma's success is due to technology as well as automated production with the help of imos CAD CAM software.Ergodesign Logo
We have automated flexible production through imos CAD CAM, which is responsible for the production of about 80% of our products.
Currently imos iX 2019 version is in use and we always try to follow the trend with the latest versions of this software.

imos PLAN integrated in every show room give us the possibility of generating orders in a few minutes including customer offers/quotations/drawings and afterwards proceed them fully automated to factory and production.
Palma today is spread over 60,000 square meters and has over 200 workers.
Our next project will be the showroom in the capital of Kosovo in Pristina. With over 30,000 square feet, we will offer the most unique designs followed by the highest possible quality.
In this way Palma will continue to remain a leader in the furniture industry in Kosovo, staying close to customers and should not be open when deciding and making a variety of products.
We are always grateful to our customers.
We live with you!