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Ergodesign ShowroomOne of the biggest and most interesting projects on the Balkans in 2017, that is the proper description of Ergodesign and their new investment in a Batch Size 1 factory in Bulgaria. The company is established in 1996 in Ruse, Bulgaria, producing bedroom furniture and sofas.

With many years of experience and hundreds of sales points in Bulgaria and Romania, Ergodesign decided to innovate with a new production line with completely follows the Industry 4.0 strategy of an intelligent storage solution, connected to a panel saw and automatically labeling all components, fully automated edge banding cell and a high intelligent drilling line. All delivered from Homag Group AG together with their newest manufacturing controlling system ControllerMES.

Ergodesign LogoThe goal of the project was to have a fully flexible production, increase the quality and the lean time. But what is a fully flexible production without a fully flexible Point of Sale system. imos NET for Business-to-Business customers in combination with imos CAD CAM, Controller MES and the new production line, makes it possible for Ergodesign to produce any type of component, with any color, any edge band and any drilling pattern. All done just-in-time.

If you think Bulgarian's furniture manufacturers are not automated, you should visit one of the best bedroom manufacturers and let yourself be impressed. Where all orders are fully automatically transferred to the machines without any human intervention.