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The LIGNA 2019 ended with impressive results

The world's leading exhibition for woodworking and woodworking plants, machines and tools gave a significant boost to the woodworking industry paving the way for future investments.

Within five days smart and long-term solutions were presented, and LIGNA 2019 made it clear that technology users are already "becoming intelligent" in terms of digitization and automation. The main focus has been on integrated solutions that enable companies of all sizes, from niche woodworking to bigger manufacturers, to meet current market demands and prepare for future challenges. Moreover, digitization occupies a prime place for the primary woodworking industry.

Modern software solutions should support furniture makers and interior design synchronized by sales, planning, presentation and construction, to production and at the same time responding to changes in the market. The new generation imos iX 2019 software solutions is perfect for the specialized needs of the industry. imos is based on intelligent design principles that allow for diverse solutions, changes in each production phase, and take care of production standards. Single furniture and home-based solutions can be created quickly and professionally presented. Details or whole groups of details can be customized at the customer's request, calculated immediately and presented. With one click, you can output production reports directly after design. Constructive data is automatically sent to CNC machining centers, beam saw machine or assembly systems. imos reveals new opportunities for order development that can be used online or locally on your trading network. For the types of kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, offices and shops, as well as interior design, imos uses materials, fittings and machinery from leading manufacturers. In this way, the specifics of said types of structures are calculated. The goal is to optimize the sales, construction and production processes, to be preserved in one system and at the same time to be flexible and efficient.

Video presentation at the LIGNA exhibition

Thanks to the conceptually new system iX Interio imos extends the digital range of features. The main task of the iX Interio ecosystem is to reduce communication and transaction processes between producers and end-users, and make the individual business spheres and makes cooperation models more attractive. iX Interio is the result of the development of stand-alone software applications and integrated solutions that meet the requirements of digitization and overcome both technological barriers and company boundaries.

iX Interio is based on a series of applications and databases that connect the different consumer groups to the design, production and sale of furniture, even outside the company.

Planning for Professionals and beginners

Planning should be fun - both for the planner and for the client. The web-based iX NET application is expanded with multiple features. Speed ​​planning, usability and interoperability is at the top of the requirements list. In addition, the innovations in photorealistic presentation of the results of planning, the use of new materials, lighting and rendering techniques were shown. The results of 3D planning can also be uploaded to social networks at any time and viewed interactively by everyone. The creation of premises in iX PLAN has also been improved. iX PLAN takes advantage of items and details that can be placed more flexibly and can interact with each other.



Movable furniture or animated installation

"Form follows function" is a guiding principle for designers, designers and architects. The furniture function is often hidden behind a simple front and places the viewer in the dark. The new version of the iX 2019 software now offers the ability to make the feature visible. All movable components of furniture such as doors, valves and drawers can be opened and closed in the real world.

The second generation of virtual reality

About two years after the introduction of the first VR applications, imos AG is already presenting the next generation. VR is no longer just a tool for presenting the completed planning results but can also be used in the design phase in a direct dialogue with the customer. This can be done either in the showroom or online. Planning results in imos iX PLAN, iX CAD or iX NET can be shared directly via VR and tested in practice.


















These were just a small part of the imos iX 2019 innovations demonstrated on our LIGNA 2019 booth.