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Last week imos open the doors for the new iXperience Center. imos also took a view back to the 25th anniversary and to its current topic: industry 4.0.

The event story:
Kitchen Production 4.0. and this is how it works:


- Suppose that Lisa wants to buy a kitchen that she has discovered in the social media. On the manufacturer's website, she can not only look at different models, but also look at them all around - directly in the browser, without installing any software. A particular kitchen awakens Lisa's interest. She contacts the company.

- Sales Manager Alex contacts Lisa via chat, phone or in personal conversation to her individual wishes. He implements this directly into the draft planning. Thanks to Virtual Reality, Lisa can now look around in the 3D design with a special pair of glasses, look at all the details and even try them out. Lisa is excited - and buys the kitchen...


Video from the event here.