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Connected with the neverending search for qualified specialist and the fast development of technologies, a lot of businesses are starting initiatives to train and pupils, students and change the qualifications of professionals. The first step in such an initiative is done by MOS Consult that sells, implements and supports software systems for the furniture sector.


Technical University Varna and MOS Consult have started two new master degree programs, which will guide students in learning the newest technologies for manufacturing, visualization, and sales of furniture. As an official partner of imos AG and Homag Group AG, MOS Consult offers a full range of software products free of charge, as well as trains professors at the Technical University Varna and prepares the university carriculum along side with them. Trainers of MOS Consult will constantly take care of the practical part of the lectures and courses which will take place in the demo factory of MOS Consult in Varna.

The factory is specially equiped with a full range of machines and will be modernized to fully meet the learning plan created. This way students will be able to test the new materials at a real, modern production facility.

Students will be able to get up to a 3000 BGN scholarship to stimulate their development. In order to do this, each student will have a MOS Consult mentor to help them prepare their diploma work. In addition, students will go through a four month apprenticeship in the production facility of MOS Consult, where they will be able to deal with real life cases and find solutions (third semester of the masters program).

The two master programs that will start in October 2017 are:

Industrial robotic systems and automation


  • CAD/CAM systems (imos AG)
  • Identifying and tracking of components in a production facility
  • Management of pneumatic processing tools
  • Electrically driven systems 
  • Sensors in robotics and machine sight
  • MES systems for management and efficiency of production facilities (Homag AG)
  • Programmable controllers 
  • Industrial robots and their manipulation
  • Automation of warehouses and packaging 
  • Project – created in the MOS Consult office and with the help of mentors*
  • Diploma work – real life experience in the production base of MOS Consult*

* applicable for all students that have received scholarship


Computer graphics and engineering


  • Processing visual information
  • CGI graphics
  • CGI animation
  • Simulation of physical events in a 3D modelling context
  • Virtual Reality
  • Creation and projection of simulations and games
  • Practical coding C# and Visual Studio .Net
  • Script languages Python
  • Project – created in the MOS Consult office and with the help of a mentor*
  • Diploma work – real life experience in the MOS Consult office*

* applicable for all students that have received scholarship 


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