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With a vast network of more than 40 shops in Bulgaria, Greece and Romania, more than 800 employees and 20 years of manufacturing experience, Videnov Group is one of the leading Bulgarian manufacturers and suppliers of furniture. Started as a family business, the company grows rapidly delivering everyday better quality, efficient prices, flexible design and huge offering of materials, hardware and furniture.

imosNET helps designers plan their kitchen, living room and bedroom design in all the department stores where end customers can customize the design, change dimensions, materials, hardware and accessories and of course get the final price right on time. There is no need of extra communication or files conversion and unnecessary tasks at the office. Once confirmed, the order is sent automatically to a data processing server, generating all CNC, cutting files and bill of materials, exporting the information to ERP and MES systems, where the production is professionally scheduled and monitored.

Videnov Grup LogoWith an innovative way of doing business, Videnov Group expands rapidly using machines from the world leader Homagimos CAD CAM and NET technology and many more products helping them improve the lean time, build more efficiently and always strive for better quality.

The vast volumes produced on a daily basis can only be supported with professional solutions and teamwork, where MOS Consult supports the manufacturer in any sense. The end user doesn't have to worry about anything, he even gets an animated assembly scheme, helping him assemble his furniture alone at home, without the help of professionals.

The company's vision is letting the end customer design and order his furniture online, present them to the family members with Augmented and Virtual Reality, receive them as fast as possible and assemble alone at home with the help of professional animated tutorials.